Skytürk Medical is a reputable medical tourism agency accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

We have Health Tourism Certificate ''Sağlık Turizm Belgesi''

"Sağlık Turizm Belgesi" is the Turkish term for the "Health Tourism Certificate". This is a special certification or licensing for the company in the field of medical tourism in Turkey.

The Health Tourism Certificate is awarded by the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. This certificate serves as proof that we as a company meet the required quality standards and are appropriately licensed to provide medical services to foreign patients

In order to obtain the Health Tourism Certificate, companies must be specified by the relevant authorities. These include, among others:

• Quality standards: Companies must demonstrate that they meet the required quality standards for medical care. This includes compliance with
• Use of modern medical equipment and provision of qualified medical professionals.

• Patient Safety: Measures must be taken to ensure patient safety. This includes, for example, adequate follow-up care, proper administration of medications and the provision of detailed information about the medical procedure.

Skytürk Medical is a pioneer, we seek solutions and are willing to overcome obstacles with our patients to make their dreams come true.
For us, it is important to observe its role in the development of our patients or the progress of the treatment carried out.
Skytürk Medical is an experienced company with abdominal stones of its history. We try to inspire people to push their limits and track their health.

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